2021 Gold Medal Foal

Height: 16.3hh
Birthdate: 3/23/2021
Registration Number: DE 431319640321
GST# – 112369343RT0001

This is a remarkable 2-year old Hanoverian filly, Bred from exceptional bloodlines. This filly was a gold medal foal at her Hanoverian inspection. What sets this filly apart is her impressive abilities in both the jump chute and her movement. Her technique and scope make her a promising prospect. Her movement is exceptional, showcasing elegance and fluidity. With her expressive gaits, she has the potential to excel in dressage as well. Her balanced and rhythmic stride is a testament to her inherent talent and potential for success in the show ring.

She is intelligent, willing to learn, but sensitive. She displays a cooperative nature that makes her a pleasure to work with. Her trainability and willingness to please make her an ideal partner for an ambitious rider or a professional looking to develop a top-level competition horse.

Whether you are searching for a future star in the show jumping arena or a versatile athlete for various disciplines, this 2-year-old Hanoverian filly offers a unique combination of talent, bloodlines, and temperament. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a young horse with immense potential and a bright future ahead. The 2-year-old filly offered for sale represents the culmination of careful planning and selective breeding, combining the strengths of both D’EGALITE and WALDFEE’s bloodlines. Her innate talent, impressive movement, and desirable temperament are a testament to the success of this breeding program.

SIRE: D’Egalite

In 2015 D’EGALITE achieved a significant milestone by winning his Wesphalian licensing. To be crowned the winner among a group of talented competitors is a testament to D’EGALITE’s outstanding qualities. This shiny black ‘nobleman’ distinguishes himself with an undeniable elegance and grandeur. Three equally excellent basic gaits, long legs and modernity, as well as the certain habits of a capital dressage stallion, round off his overall impression perfectly.

D’EGALITE unites perfectly the spectacular action of movements through the Dutch genes with the strength of character, the well-framed top-line and the lovely temperament from Stedinger and Rohdiamant.

Dam: Waldfee

The dam holds a significant role in our breeding program. As a descendant of WARKANSON, is a well-respected stallion known for passing on exceptional movement, rideability, and jumping talent to his offspring. His influence in the Hanoverian breed is highly regarded, making him a sought-after sire for breeders looking to produce top-quality sport horses.

WALDFEE the dam of this filly, embodies the qualities we aim to cultivate in our breeding program. She possesses the athleticism, conformation, and temperament that we strive for in our horses.