Sport Mule Sires

Okie Bill

OKIE BILL has over 70 foals on the ground; many of them are being shown and are winning ribbons. OKIE BILL’s exceptional conformation, character, ability, and outright charming personality have already earned him 1996, 1997, and 1998 AMA Champion Donkey at Halter, 1997 AMA Reserve Champion Performance Donkey, plus Show Championships at many 1998 and 1999 California and Oregon Shows. Many photos of these outstanding mules out of Belgian mares are available.

Jacque Benny

3 time world champion halter champion


This sire is an excellently conformed, strong-boned ‘old style’ jack with an absolutely impeccable disposition. Reportedly bred in Kansas from Siemon’s Glenn background, fertility-tested frozen semen is available. Best crossed on either draft mares to produce stump-pulling work mules, or on fine-boned mares such as Arabians and Thoroughbreds for a good riding or halter mule.